Can I admit something? I LOVE wedding days and pretty pictures, but my top runner-up favorite thing about working with my brides and grooms is being able to use my experience and working knowledge of weddings to help with the planning process. I'm no wedding planner or coordinator of course (and you should definitely get one!!) but so much of the wedding day is directly linked to the photo schedule that I can really play a fairly notable part in planning.

To that end, I've created a really helpful informational workbook to help you organize your timeline (lovingly dubbed "Crafting a Kickass Wedding Day Timeline" because hey, that's what it's all about).

Grab your copy now!

PDF Download: Crafting a Kickass Wedding Day Timeline Guide

Resources for Clients

Hey photographers, need some outside eyes on your business or some fresh perspective for your creative process? With almost 10 years in the photography world and a career rooted in the graphic design / website design industry, I've worked with many photographers to help bring clarity or a new point of view to areas where they struggle!

Couples Posing Session

Resources for Photographers

One hour in-person mini mentoring session with a couple, intro to my posing flow

Website or Portfolio Review

One hour in-person mini mentoring session with website review or portfolio review

Shooting in Manual

One hour in-person mini mentoring session to cover the exposure triangle & basics of shooting in manual

Basic Off Camera Flash

One hour in-person mini mentoring session covering the basics of off camera flash

Client Management /Workflow

One hour in-person mini mentoring session covering client intake, client experience & workflow

Mini Mentoring Sessions

Experience a basic styled wedding shoot to practice couples posing, styling details, off camera flash, and more.

Coming soon. Click here for more information!

DO IT WELL - Full Workshop

What can I do to help you? Send me a note for more information about these resources!

By invitation only.

Long-term Internship Program

$150 per person, 1 hour minimum

Educational Styled Wedding Shoot

$300 per person, 2 person minimum

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