My style is best described as natural, organic and rich; a good mix of photojournalism (telling a story with images), portraiture (with gentle posing and interaction) and documentary photography (capturing what occurs naturally).

Each image is edited to a classic style because I want you to love your images forever, not just until the next trend comes along.

The best part about your wedding day is your unique story and style, and my ultimate goal in is to honor that truth and capture the day as beautifully and authentically as possible.

I believe in the personal fulfillment that comes from being kind, the joy of going above and beyond for people, and the sweet pleasure and glorious beauty of the simplest moments in life.

I put my heart and soul into your day, and I believe that's what it takes to be a truly great wedding photographer.



I'm inspired by your story.

About Corrie

- Corrie

We're going to get along like hot chocolate and marshmallows.

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To start with, Corrie is so on top of her game it’s unreal. She answers every text, call, and email promptly and happily. You can tell she just enjoys her career. She sends a questionnaire weeks before the wedding so she is extremely prepared on the day of. 

She remembered every small detail from specific guests I wanted to grab a picture with down to small details I wanted captured. She helped keep my bridal party and myself on time and where we needed to be. 

When she’s taking pictures, she’s so laid back and makes it easy to be yourself. She takes away the awkwardness that comes with having a bunch of pictures made. 

When it comes to her photography, I really don’t have the words to adequately describe it. Looking at my wedding gallery had me in tears. The pictures were beautiful and she captured the most precious moments perfectly.

My brother performed the ceremony and she got pictures of his hand-written notes even though I forgot to ask her to. I think she read my mind a little bit.

Your wedding day can be stressful but Corrie absolutely helps take so much of the stress away. I don’t want to imagine my day without her!

Corrie answers every text, call, and email promptly and happily. You can tell she just enjoys her career. 

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