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   I'm a red-headed artist based in Northwest Arkansas. I have two kids and a rescue cat named Piper (she was found in a parking lot with no momma), and the most caring & handsome husband. We've been married for 16 years and yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with him.
   I'm calm but outgoing, I smile a whole lot, I'm funny (or so I'm told), and I'm almost annoyingly optimistic. But if you have to have a character flaw, that's a pretty decent one. Right?
   When I'm not photographing weddings or doing all the other work that goes along with them, you'll probably find me homeschooling my two awesome kids (James is a high-school freshman taking dual-credit college courses at A&M, Kylie is in 5th grade and excels at math and reading - I'm so proud of them!) or working on home remodel projects. Since 2005, we've gutted & remodeled 4 houses (while living in them)!


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The trendier the better, and I'm not even ashamed to admit that.

Homeschooling my kids and teaching other photographers. I'm even writing a book!

Yeah, I'm a vegetarian...but not one of those obnoxious ones.

Bring me your dogs. Your big dogs, your small dogs, your hyper and your calm dogs.

Not the bike, but the strength workouts. All the trainers are my favorites!

Is it a tiny SUV? Is it a large go-cart? Maybe it's both.

If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I'd definitely be an interior designer. 

I start begging my husband to get our tree out of the attic before Halloween. 


i'm obsessed with HOUSE PLANTS

i drive a FIAT 500L

i don't eat meat

a big part of my heart is TEACHING

HOLIDAYS are my jam

i love PELOTON

i freaking adore DOGS

REMODELING is in my blood


I spend too much money on:

House Plants

I'll never be able to resist:


If you see me drinking something, it will be:


If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I'd be:

An interior designer

One of my 2022 goals is:

Getting my book published

I drive a:

Fiat 500



   I think the best part about your wedding day is your unique story and style, and my ultimate goal is to honor that truth and capture the day as beautifully and authentically as possible.
   My style is best described as natural, organic and rich; a good mix of photojournalism (telling a story with images), portraiture (with gentle posing and interaction) and documentary photography (capturing what occurs naturally).  
   I believe in the personal fulfillment that comes from being kind, the joy of going above and beyond for people, and the sweet pleasure and glorious beauty of the simplest moments in life. Like a visual historian, documenting big and small moments that are beautiful and valuable.
   No matter how many weddings I photograph, I still tear up during speeches and first dances. I am always struck by the privilege I have to watch these significant and unique moments in someone’s story, and then tell that story back to them in such a meaningful and tangible way.

"I put my heart & soul into your day, because I know that's what it takes to be a truly great wedding photographer."

You cherish artwork that cultivates genuine memories of life's most beautiful and honest moments, big and small

I think we're going to get along famously.


I create modern yet timeless, heartfelt imagery that will stand the test of time for you, and for future generations