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Corrie Childers

I learned that you want a photographer that truly cares how the day goes, and that is Corrie!

Barb A. - Fayetteville, ar

Corrie Childers is one talented photographer and she won’t disappoint!

hannah w - indianapolis

Corrie was my wedding photographer and was so amazing throughout the entire process! 

chelsea j - centerton, ar

We took one look at Corrie’s classic style and knew we had to have her.

mj - little rock, ar

She was a joy to work with and we know we will adore our photos for years!

MJ - Little rock, ar

Corrie has such a beautiful spirit, and we both felt so comfortable with the process.

mj - little rock, ar

Her gift for photography is apparent throughout her work so we already knew we’d love our photos.

mj - little rock, ar

and we would recommend her without hesitation to anyone.

There is nothing we would change about our experience


I'm a 20-something artist based in Arkansas. I love dogs and horses and listening to music so loud that I can feel it, not just hear it. I'm obsessed with my husband and anything rose gold, and I love tacos and mimosas. And wontons and dumplings. And sweet potato fries. And really just food in general.

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My husband and I were high school sweethearts that got married when we turned 18. I don't regret that choice at all (13 years and going strong, holla!) but one regret I definitely do have is that we decided not to hire a photographer for our wedding. Now as time rolls by, my memories of that day fade more and more.

Since I know how it feels to miss these photos, the work I do is so deeply important to me. It's an honor and my true passion to be the one who gets to document and deliver your wedding images.

Because this is how you'll remember.


The best part about your wedding day is your unique story and style, and my ultimate goal in is to honor that truth and capture the day as beautifully and authentically as possible.

I believe in the personal fulfillment that comes from being authentic, the joy of going above and beyond for people, and the sweet pleasure and the glorious beauty of the simplest moments in life.

My Style


My style is best described as natural, organic and rich; a good mix of photojournalism (telling a story with images), portraiture (with gentle posing and interaction) and documentary photography (capturing what occurs naturally). Each image is edited to a classic style because I want you to love your images forever, not just until the next trend comes along.

I love photos of all the details you've planned for months, the posed portraits, and some of the most simple and sweet in-between moments that not everybody notices or remembers. 

I'll be there as your groom tries to hold back his tears when he first sees you as his bride. I will be wiping my eyes as your dad walks you down the aisle, and again during the mother and son dance at the reception.

I put my heart and soul into your day and I believe that's what it takes to be a truly great wedding photographer.








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